Francis (Frank) Waterbury

Francis (Frank) Waterbury was the son of Nathaniel Waterbury and Cynthia Mather. He was born in Saratoga Springs in 1822, and was a devoted member of the First Baptist Church where he worked as a bookkeeper.

He married Olivia Mary Rowland, and had three children with her, Mary, William, and Norman. Norman and Mary wrote to him often in the collection of the postcards, and William went on to be an involved member of the Saratoga Springs community. 


Francis' Journal Excerpt

As is stated in his journal excerpt, his mother died when he was a young boy, and he took comfort in that her faith would take care of her. This can explain his own devotion to God, and the reason for his son Norman's devotion as well. He had two sisters, Susannah Mather and Hannah Marie, both of whom he remained close with, often writing letters to Susannah later on. 


Postcard sent to Francis

This exhibit showcases many postcards addressed to Francis. The content of these postcards is very casual and brief correspondence, typically people promising to write a full letter to him soon. From cousins, he often received information about how their families were faring, updates on life, and 

A majority of the postcards came from Francis' son Norman Mather Waterbury. They consist of information about his life at University and his work for the church. 


Postcard from Norman to Francis

"Rochester, Feb 22, 1884

If you have read "26 yrs in Barunah" or can read it at once I should prize the copy you have far more than another. If you want another I will get it for you. I want that copy to read. I have been nearly sick this week but feel much better this morning... Did you hear of the arrival at Eagleswood on the 13th? Norman ... Mather they call it + it weighs the ... Dr. Hotchkins of Buffalo gives us eight returns on expository preaching thid week + next.