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It was evident that continuous correspondence was a priority to Francis Waterbury, as is made clear by the numerous postcards he received. However, he was not only a receiver, but also a formidable writer of letters as well. He wrote letters to his sisters where he uses vivid language to describe his environment, thoughts, and he also relates these back to his religious beliefs. A brief transcription excerpt of the second letter follows:

"Dear Sister,

Last evening as I sat gazing from the harbour... toward the hillsfar away and beheld the lingering beams of sunlight playing among the rugged cliffs, I was reminded of those hills just one year ago as I was riding along the valley of the... drawing near to my... home. On the west... was towering... to the sky and other peaks though not so lofty... high their heads and cast a shade over the vale through which we were passing. Here and there the sun was peeking through a gap with mountains and after... a farewell to the river and meadows He crowned the farthest hills with beams of sunlight which seemed like a... of gold with fading rays... with the gray of twilight and only by the moon's pale glimmering could the hills be seen"