"When Saratoga gets too quiet I go to New York and when New York gets too noisy I come back to Saratoga. In this state of contented oscillation I hope to end my days." 


Book cover "A Moose in the Hoose"
Invitation From the Trustees of the Library to a Book unveiling for the "The Moose in the Hoose."

Invitation to the Testimonial



Ticket to Event








The Board of Trustees of the Saratoga Springs Public Library used the occasion of the publication of Sullivan's new book for children to honor Frank, author, humorist, and loyal native son. People came from all points in the nation. Guests included Russell Crouse and John O'Hara, local dignitaries, and members of the Saratoga High Class of 1910.




" 'Sully' is having his night tonight. The old nostalgia will be burned to a crisp as the Boy Reporter Who Made Good is affectionately honored by his home town as an Oracle of American  humor"                                                                               

Saratogian, Dec.1,1959




Messages arrived from all over the world, from the likes of James Thurber, Thornton Wilder, Charles Brackett, and Bennett Cerf.


Telegram from the Whites

Telegram from Katherine and Andy (E.B.) White

After the party, more than one person exclaimed both publicly and privately, "It was a great night for the Irish!"





"A native son insists that August at the Spa

            improves the human as well as equine breed"


The Frank Sullivan Race Trophy


In true Frank Sullivan fashion, the trophy was donated to the National Museum of Racing in Saratoga.





"Since I reached voting age I have survived three wars, (two hot, one cold, none ended) and one depression (hot) and am still here, on guard with my little wooden sword against whatever lies around the corner."



Frank Sullivan,March 1974


Sullivan wrote his last Christmas poem for the New Yorker on December 23, 1974. His final stanza reads:

These greetings started in '32

When times were tough-but we muddled through.

Today our frights are all redoubled,

But courage, friends, keep hearts untroubled.

Why, hardly a prophet is now alive

Who thought we'd make it to '75.

Take hope from the Star! Our course is clear-

Full muddle ahead through the coming year!



Francis John Joseph "Frank" Sullivan

died on February 19,1976