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Corsale, Eugene 2004 (2).JPG
An image of Eugene Corsale.

Interview with Anita DuRoss discusses women working in the sock mill in Ballston Spa 1946-1968.

Harold L. Hall discusses dairy farming, milk production and bottling on the family farm in Greenfield Center

Charles Hayes was patient number 100 from 1914-1916 at the Mt. McGregor Sanitarium which was built by Metropolitan Life to hep curb the Tuberculosis epidemic. He describes a typical day as a patient, the surroundings and the dedication ceremony

An interview with Ralph Grasso discussing growing up on the West Side of Saratoga Springs and his family's experiences owning a grocery store and Italian ice shop.

Edith Van Dorn Luce, in this interview with Mary Ann Cardillo Fitzgerald, discusses growing up on the west side of Saratoga Springs. She remembers school, weddings, work, and restaurants.

In this interview with Courtney Reid, Anita Skinner Turner discusses her family history, food, school, urban renewal, and the Black Elk's ball.