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An image of Grasso's Store on West Circular St., date unknown.

Using a 1954 wagon, Grasso's has been selling Italian Ices around Saratoga Springs for almost 50 years.

Luther Trio (2).png
The Luther Family- Margaret, Tommy and Alice posed together in New York City before leaving for a trip.

RJSC_00578F (2).jpg
Guests are arriving at the White Sulphur Spring Hotel in horse drawn carriages.



Pitney095 (1).jpg
This is an image of a group of children entitled "Whoopee What a Gang!" It has a date of September 1927 noted.


Bath Script324.jpg
This prescription for a bath was completed by a physician for a patient accessing treatment at the Saratoga Spa.

Swanner 336.jpg
A portrait of Dr. Swanner from her book "Saratoga, Queen of Spas"

This is an image of a woman and a dog in front of an airplane parked at the Pitney Airport.