Frank Sullivan at home with friends

Frank at home "with friends"




the chemical force that makes the Roosevelt tick"



Letter to Will Cuppy Book cover- How to Be a Hermit





Frank offers his friend, Will Cuppy, some of his "Papal Blessing."

Frank's witty personality fits in well with other literaties and he becomes a regular at the Algonquin Club for the weekly roundtable luncheon. There he joins with the likes of James Thurber, Bennet Cerf, Dorothy Parker, Russell Crouse, and Monty Woolley, to name a few.



Katherine White, wife of E.B. "Andy" White is an editor for the New Yorker and both Andy and Katherine become close friends of Frank's.

Letter to Katherine White






Katherine White often edits Frank's works

Letter from Edna Ferber Letter from Edna Ferber to Russel Crouse








Edna Ferber, author of Saratoga Trunk and another of Frank's Algonquin companions, is quite opinionated and outspoken.

She also does not mince words in writing about her displeasure to mutual friend, Russell Crouse.

Article from Congressional Record

In 1971, he is honored on his "Natal Day" with an article in the Congressional Record.