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Sophie Goldstein was very concerned that the knowledge of the history of the Jewish community in Saratoga Springs was fading rapidly. With her good friend, Florence Susman, the two librarians began recording oral histories of some of the local Jewish residents. The result of their work is the Saratoga County Jewry History Project. This is an exhibit of some of the items from the Sophie Goldstein Collection that Sophie collected in remembrance of the Jewish experience in a small upstate town.…
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Saratoga Springs has always been a "Destination." The Native Americans valued the area for its rich natural resources and healing waters. Early European visitors learned of the powers of the waters and soon flocked to the springs. The influx of tourists propelled the City to grow into a premiere tourist destination. The Robert Joki Stereoscopic Collection captures the images of one of the most exciting time periods in the history of Saratoga Springs.
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Welcome to the digital exhibit of the Saratoga County Oral History Project. In this exhibit, we have included several examples of Oral Histories that have been languishing in our respective repositories: the Saratoga County Historian's Office, The Saratoga Springs City Historian's Office, the Saratoga County History Center/Brookside Museum and the Saratoga Springs Public Library. 
The Francis Waterbury postcards are a collection of potscards written to him in Saratoga Springs, which span over ten years from 1874 to 1884, with a significant portion being undated. The postcards include casual correspondence from people in Frank Waterbury's life, most notably family members-particularly his son Norman. This exhbit explores these postcards, as well as Frank himself and his family.