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Conference Officers

The Saratoga Chapter of B'nai Brith held the annual conference in Saratoga on April 12, 1953.

Standing: Maurice Brown, Alex Susman, Mrs. Nathan Cohen, Joseph Einhorn

Seated: George Goldstein, Sam Moskovitch, Ben Mintzer

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Members of B'nai Brith

attending the Conference

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B'nai Brith Youth

The youth of the congregation were also involved in community activities.

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B'nai Brith Youth Performance

In January 1955, the B'nai Brith youth gave a presentation of the play "Give me Your Tired, Your Poor" by John McGregor, based on the Emma Lazerus poem. The actors were:

Standing: Nolan Sklute, Jeannette Turetz, Nick Palmetto, Charles Horton, Steve Pyryemybida, Steven Swanner,

               John Flana, Charles Horton, Carole Levine, Marcia Polacsek, Murray Zinman, Howard Kaufman

Seated: Carole Goldman, Mickey Finklestein, Barbara Goldstein


Sophie Goldstein

Hadassah President

In June 1941, Sophie Goldstein was installed as the President of the Saratoga Chapter of Hadassah at Ro-Ed Mansion. At the same meeting, Betty Silverman was installed as the President of the Glens Falls chapter.

In attendance: Frances Kaye, Victoria Caplan, Sophie Goldstein, Mrs. Friedman (National spokesperson), Betty Silverman, Kathryn Starbuck, Aaron Intrater