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Harold L. Hall discusses dairy farming, milk production and bottling on the family farm in Greenfield Center

These images were taken in Congress Park near the Congress Spring. In the foreground is a box camera set up to take a picture. Buildings on Broadway can be seen in the background.

These images depict the line of carriages standing in front of the Union Hotel waiting to pick up visitors.

Charles Hayes talks about his experiences as a patient at the Met Life Sanatorium on Mt. McGregor.

SG- S T Panza060.jpg
The Congregation Sharra T'Fille transforms the former House of Pompeia into their synagogue.

These images were taken from outside the park on the hill on Broadway. On the far right can be glimpsed the bandstand. The paths between the pavilions are well defined and the landscaping is mature.

These are images of the Arcade which connected the Congress and Columbian Springs. The pergola style roof and open air design allowed for the growing of a variety of plants. People sat along the walkway, enjoying snacks they had purchased from a…

These are images of the Arcade in Congress Park which ran between Congress and Columbian Springs Pavilions. The Arcade has a solid roof and large widows which open to let in the breeze. The walkway is sparse, with chairs set up for people to sit.