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SG-Bnai Brith program063.jpg
The cover of the program for the Fourth Annual meeting of the Saratoga Springs Lodge of Bnai Brith.

SG-Bnai Brith youth 068.jpg
A list of the officers of the B'nai Brith youth group

SG-Bnai Brith youth 069.jpg
Cast of the play "Give me your tired, your poor" as performed by the B'nai Brith youth group at Saratoga Springs High School on Lake Ave. in 1955.

Interview with Anita DuRoss discusses women working in the sock mill in Ballston Spa 1946-1968.

Lester Bertha158.jpg
Bertha Dowd Lester posing formally with her sons.

These images were taken from the roof of the Columbian Hotel across Broadway . The Civil War Memorial stands in front of the entrance to the park. Congress Spring is to the left and Columbian Spring to the right. In the background stands the…

Book jacket from "A Moose in the Hoose"

These are images showing the Union Hall on Broadway. Round white pillars support the piazza roof. Stately elms shade the building and obscure most if it from view. Hitching posts line the street and a buggy is parked alongside. A larger wagon is…

These images show horse and buggy carriages lined up in front of the Union Hotel on Broadway. The facade of the hotel features tall white columns covering a three story porch. A number of men in livery style coats are standing around the carriages or…