Milford Lester Interview


James W. Lester and Sons

L to R:

Charles W., Ralph W., James D., and Dudley G.

Milford Dowd Lester (1929-2006) was the son of James Dowd Lester and Sarah Streeter. A Navy veteran and Williams College graduate, Milford was the grandson and great-grandson of several of Saratoga’s most prominent citizens, including Charles S. Lester and Charles F. Dowd. In this interview, he shares the Family’s history and stories of their activities and relationships.

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Bertha D. Lester and Sons

L to R:

Ralph W., Charles W., James D., and Dudley G. 

Upon his death, Milford divided the Family’s papers, donating some to the Saratoga Room, some to the City Historian’s Office and some to the Saratoga History Museum.