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These stereo images depict the pavilion and bottling plant at High Rock Spring. The ornately decorated pavilion is topped with an eagle. Several people are seated inside the pavilion. The area around the spring is landscaped and walkways are well…

This is an image of the invitation sent out by Percy Dake, President of the Board of Trustees of Saratoga Springs Public Library to a party in honor of Frank Sullivan on Dec. 1,1959.

SG-Sofie Head074 (5).jpg
Sophie at the reception following the release of the Saratoga County Jewry History Project.

Ira Gray, aka Adirondack Ike, recounts his life and experiences in the southern Adirondacks. Gray tells of his childhood on the family farm, lumbering along the Hudson at Jessups Landing, his hunting exploits and his many experiences as a bachelor…

Recounts the life of Margaret Luther on and around Saratoga Lake 1903-1976. Describes her family background, how her father started the White Sulpher Spring Hotel, the famous people she met there and life in the first third of the twentieth…

Interview with Anita DuRoss discusses women working in the sock mill in Ballston Spa 1946-1968.

In this letter from Edna Ferber to Frank Sullivan she appears to be considering a musical adaptation of her novel, "Saratoga Trunk."

An letter from Edna to Russel Crouse, with an angry tone.

SG- 1st synagogue056.jpg
The first synagogue in Saratoga Springs.