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Luther Trio (2).png
The Luther Family- Margaret, Tommy and Alice posed together in New York City before leaving for a trip.

Using a 1954 wagon, Grasso's has been selling Italian Ices around Saratoga Springs for almost 50 years.

An image of Grasso's Store on West Circular St., date unknown.

Interview describes aspects of the carreer of Ballston Spa photographer Jessie Wooley, including the lantern slide shows, and his sojouns in the Adirondacks to capture his images.

In this interview with Courtney Reid, Anita Skinner Turner discusses her family history, food, school, urban renewal, and the Black Elk's ball.

Edith Van Dorn Luce, in this interview with Mary Ann Cardillo Fitzgerald, discusses growing up on the west side of Saratoga Springs. She remembers school, weddings, work, and restaurants.

An interview with Ralph Grasso discussing growing up on the West Side of Saratoga Springs and his family's experiences owning a grocery store and Italian ice shop.