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Luther Trio (2).png
The Luther Family- Margaret, Tommy and Alice posed together in New York City before leaving for a trip.

FS001lc457 (Small).jpg
Jacket of book by inscribed to Frank Sullivan by author

A letter from Elaine Mann thanking Frank Sullivan for the donation of the trophy from the Frank Sullivan Race.

This image of the telegram sent by the Whites to Frank Sullivan sending their regrets for not being able to attend a party in honor of his new book, "A Moose in the Hoose."

FS001bio463 (Small).jpg
This is a photograph of the Sullivan family home in Ireland.

This is an image of a wooden stereograph viewer. The stereocard is placed in the metal holders. The images are viewed through the lenses inside the hood. A handle allows the person to hold the viewer and the metal holder for the cards moves back and…

These are images of a steam boat docked at the dock at Moon's Lake House. The hazy shoreline can be seen in the background. The two tiered ship has a large smoke stack and several flags. People can be seen on both decks. The shimmering water reflects…

SG-Spa business071.jpg
An order form for obtaining bottles of Saratoga waters including in both English and Hebrew

Bath Script324.jpg
This prescription for a bath was completed by a physician for a patient accessing treatment at the Saratoga Spa.