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An image of young Kate Sullivan.

Brookside post.jpg
This is an image of Jesse Wooley's camera.

Pitney095 (1).jpg
This is an image of a group of children entitled "Whoopee What a Gang!" It has a date of September 1927 noted.


White Sulphur Spring Park Hotel.JPG
Guests stand on the wrap around porch with Saratoga Lake in the background.



Recounts the life of Margaret Luther on and around Saratoga Lake 1903-1976. Describes her family background, how her father started the White Sulpher Spring Hotel, the famous people she met there and life in the first third of the twentieth…

Several 7.5x13in postcards, to Francis Waterbury, scattered on display

An image of the front of the Waterbury Memorial Telugu Baptist Church

Norman Waterbury's name featured on the University of Rochester's Annual catalogue under the freshmen section