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water carbonation arm337.jpg
Carbon dioxide bubbles from the naturally carbonated waters dance all over the woman's are when she immerses it in the waters of the Lincoln Baths.

Dr. Swanner is interviewed in front of a group of Spa volunteers. The end of the interview is very garbled and part of it are not audible.


Charles Hayes talks about his experiences as a patient at the Met Life Sanatorium on Mt. McGregor.

hayes 1915 census (2).jpg
An image of a page from the 1915 census showing Charles Hayes as a patient.

Ira Gray, aka Adirondack Ike, recounts his life and experiences in the southern Adirondacks. Gray tells of his childhood on the family farm, lumbering along the Hudson at Jessups Landing, his hunting exploits and his many experiences as a bachelor…

Recounts the life of Margaret Luther on and around Saratoga Lake 1903-1976. Describes her family background, how her father started the White Sulpher Spring Hotel, the famous people she met there and life in the first third of the twentieth…

In this 1999 interview with Leona Casey Signor, Eugene Corsale describes growing up working on the railroad He discusses school and various individuals with whom he grew up.