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These stereo images depict the pavilion and bottling plant at High Rock Spring. The ornately decorated pavilion is topped with an eagle. Several people are seated inside the pavilion. The area around the spring is landscaped and walkways are well…

These images of the High Rock Pavilion shows the early landscaping that was done. Trees are planted with supports and a fence has been erected to separate the area. People are standing under the pavilion. Horse hitching posts dot the area.

These images depict several elaborate carriages with horses, drivers and patrons aboard parked in front of the High Rock Pavilion. The bottling plant is in the background. Growing trees are supported by wooden stakes all around the pavilion.

These images of the High Rock Pavilion and the surrounding area depict the grounds as the landscaping matured. The pavilion itself is almost shrouded by the trees. A bench is in front of the pavilion and a person is sitting on it.

These images depict the interior of the remodeled Congress Spring Pavilion. The Dipper Boy stands behind an ornate bar set in front of stained glass windows. People stand in line for a glass of the Congress Spring water.