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These images were taken from the roof of the Columbian Hotel across Broadway . The Civil War Memorial stands in front of the entrance to the park. Congress Spring is to the left and Columbian Spring to the right. In the background stands the…

These early images depict the Congress Spring, the Bandstand and the Columbian Spring in what is known as Congress Spring Park. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property and runs along East Congress St.

These images depict the first permanent structure built over the High Rock Spring by the Clarke and White Spring Water Co. The pavilion was built in 1848. The road in front of the pavilion is rutted. Behind the structure is the escarpment leading up…

These images depict the High Rock Spring Pavilion and Bottling Plant that were completed in 1866. The domed pavilion has an eagle on top. Several people are standing under and around the pavilion. A wagon is pulled up in front of the bottling plant…

A Dipper Boy reaches into the tube containing the flow of the Congress Spring. A wooden bar surrounds the spring and people are standing around it, drinking the waters. The pavilion itself is simple in lines. Written in the border of the card is the…