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Pitney095 (1).jpg
This is an image of a group of children entitled "Whoopee What a Gang!" It has a date of September 1927 noted.


Luther Trio (2).png
The Luther Family- Margaret, Tommy and Alice posed together in New York City before leaving for a trip.

Using a 1954 wagon, Grasso's has been selling Italian Ices around Saratoga Springs for almost 50 years.

An image of Grasso's Store on West Circular St., date unknown.

A Woolley celebration- Mayor Clarence H. (Nuggy) Knapp, Frank Sullivan, and Monty (Beard) Woolley- the Three Muskateers with Mayor Addison Mallery at Monty Woolley Day at the Grand Union Hotel.

RJSC_00908F track.jpg
The finish of a horse race at the Saratoga Racecourse. The Grandstand is on the right. A young man is leaning on the rail.


Wesr Side Stories in Place 1999.jpg
Anita Turner working the food concession at the Feast of St Michael.

An image of Edith Van Dorn Luce supplied by her family.

Brookside post.jpg
This is an image of Jesse Wooley's camera.

This is an image of three generations of the Hall family- all named Harold. They are standing in front of a horse drawn wagon that would have been used to deliver dairy products before automation.