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Lester Bertha158.jpg
Bertha Dowd Lester posing formally with her sons.

Interview with Anita DuRoss discusses women working in the sock mill in Ballston Spa 1946-1968.

SG-Bnai Brith youth 069.jpg
Cast of the play "Give me your tired, your poor" as performed by the B'nai Brith youth group at Saratoga Springs High School on Lake Ave. in 1955.

SG-Bnai Brith youth 068.jpg
A list of the officers of the B'nai Brith youth group

SG-Bnai Brith program063.jpg
The cover of the program for the Fourth Annual meeting of the Saratoga Springs Lodge of Bnai Brith.

SG-Bnai Brith conf 066.jpg
Conference attendees at the April 12, 1953 conference held in Saratoga Springs.

This is an image of Frank Sullivan's Aunt Mary O'Sullivan Dillon

A copy of an article from the Congressional Record honoring Frank Sullivan on his birthday.

water carbonation arm337.jpg
Carbon dioxide bubbles from the naturally carbonated waters dance all over the woman's are when she immerses it in the waters of the Lincoln Baths.

SG-Lib prog078 (2).jpg
The brochure and invitation to the reception for the donation of the tapes to the SSPL.